Juan Verde could be Joe Biden's advisor for Latin America
A former Obama official, his role would be to liaise between the new administration and the governments of the region, Spain and Portugal.

Democrat Joe Biden will announce the creation of a special office in the White House to coordinate efforts to combat global warming. John Kerry, former Secretary of State and Senator from Massachusetts, will lead the operation from the White House.

The role of Climate Change Czar would be a fitting role for Kerry, who after his four-year term in the Obama cabinet and a quarter-century representing Massachusetts in the Senate, would be expected to lead negotiations to bring the United States back into the Paris Agreement.

In this context, regional representatives would be designated and Juan Verde, who has been president of Americans Abroad for Biden during the electoral campaign and advisor to the president elect on the Latino vote, would be chosen to establish a direct relationship from the White House with Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Juan Verde broadcasting for U.S. media on Election Day in front of the White House.

Verde, who in recent years participated in the main world summits on Climate Change, including COP25 with the Minister of Environment of Chile and President of COP25, Carolina Schmidt Zaldívar , the No Planet B Latino Summit which was the opening event of the Climate Summit, Madrid in 2019.

He has also been a promoter of major environmental summits in Latin America with former President Barack Obama himself as the main supporter and participant.

Juan Verde, indeed, is a figure that the Ibero-American governments would see with good eyes. His work in the region is consistent and he has years of experience, confidence and affinity with various political actors and key businessmen to promote changes in the energy and government regulations necessary to mitigate climate change. He also promotes Latin America's strategic resources, which are key to boosting the green economy in the United States.

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