Peronism Returns at the Casa Rosada in One of the Most Civilized Presidential Transitions in Argentina's Recent History
On President Macri's last day in office, the outgoing cabinet ministers welcomed their successors.

 Twenty years have passed from the transition between the governments of Peronist Carlos Menem and Radical Fernando de la Rúa. Since then, the Casa Rosada has not experienced a balanced atmosphere during presidential transitions, even if it was on the last day of the outgoing administration.

After the photo op between outgoing president Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández, celebrated by the bulk of the Argentine political scene, a series of meetings took place on Monday between the outgoing ministers who will leave office tonight and will be replaced after Tuesday's swearing-in ceremony.

On his last day in the Casa Rosada, Macri had lunch with governors and legislators from his political coalition Cambiemos, followed by a toast next to a Christmas tree in the Patio de las Palmeras . He was accompanied by first lady Juliana Awada and his chief of staff Marcos Peña. At Plaza de Mayo, now without barricades, a stage was being set for musical bands to play after the transfer of the sash and the presidential staff.

Incoming Finance Minister Martín Guzmán was received by his predecesor Hernán Lacunza.

In the hallways of the presidential palace one could see the Chief of Staff's people moving personal effects and helping the incoming personnel to familiarize themselves with the halls of the House of Government.

Vilma Ibarra, who will be Fernández's Legal and Technical Secretary, was in Balcarce 50, where Pablo Clusellas, the outgoing official who will end up at the General Audit of the City, waited for her.

Adolfo Rubinstein and Ginés González García had a coffee.

Minister of the Interior Rogelio Frigerio waited in his office for Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro and their teams will remain in contact with the new minister throughout the week. Frigerio said goodbye to the press in the journalists' room and left a warning to Macri himself: "If there is only one leader of Cambiemos it is important that we understand that the forms of that leadership have to change," he said.

Guillermo Dietrich and Mario Meoni met at Transportation.

There were more meetings outside the Casa Rosada. For one hour, Hernán Lacunza received Martín Guzmán at the Palacio de Hacienda. Guillermo Dietrich took a picture with Mario Meoni, who will succeed him in Transportation. Matías Lammens, who will be Minister of Tourism and Sports, joined his predecessor Gustavo Santos.

Adolfo Rubinstein, who was kicked out of the Health Secretariat 10 days before Macri's term ended, found himself in a cafeteria with Ginés González García.

Matías Lammens met Gustavo Santos.

Hernán Lombardi, meanwhile, was the one who had the worst time on his last day as a government official: a party was organized for him with murga and cumbia to bid him farewell on the playground of the Kirchner Cultural Center. 

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